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#Kulla_Like - management system


UX/UI Complex system design

About the project.

#Kulla_Like is a Non-profit Organization with a growing community with over 9K users. The organization aims to solve the "junior paradox" by developing human capital that values mutual responsibility and providing practical tools. By providing assistance and support from community members and managers, we help juniors navigate the dynamic job market. 


Complex system


Miro | Figma | Ps | Ai





Permissions-based management system

  • Four main permission levels for four main types of users, each of which sees what is relevant to them:
    1. administrator; 2. project manager; 3. contributor; 4. junior.

  • A search panel that offers the following options:  1. Search by topic 2. Status-based search 3. Keyword-based search. 4. free search

  • The various projects are designed to manage the community. 

  • Each project could contain unlimited tasks. 

  • Each task will be marked as not/completed and have a progress bar.  

  • Dashboard management panel.

  • An onboarding process that includes the entry of relevant information



Information Architecture

Information Architecture_edited.jpg

UX research


We examined several similar systems (Trello, Jira, Monday, Asana, ClickUp) aiming to learn the conventions in this field such as the ways of showing a large amout of indo in one screen, hierarchy & functionality. The ones we adored we put in a list:  

  • Side menu (+ option to close and open)

  • Navigation tabs

  • Distribution to columns by status Execution of

  • tabs in each column

  • Color associated with the category

  • Progress bar

  • Assignments are set to user/s

  • Colored tags

  • Priority by colors

  • Button Add a tasks

  • possible Various display: Table / Tabs / Calendar / Columns etc.

Information Architecture - New ideas.jpg

User research

survey and analysis of results

To start understanding the needs of the users in the system we created a short survey published in the #Kola_Like community on LinkedIn.


סקר #כולא_לייק

interesting data we collected:

  • Professional retraining - almost half of the juniors!  47.1% 

  • Main pain points - a feeling of not getting a chance, uncertainty, long recruitment processes, finding it hard to follow up submission and changing levels of motivation.

  • Job Search Areas: The

User Personas

Potential users of the system

Information Architecture - Copy of איילה וייס רזון, 3    7, UX_UI.jpg
Persona 2.jpg

The Challenge

Building a complex system in a month

  • A very broad and complex system makes it hard to decide what is more important & where to put the focus on.

  • Future users of the system are not necessarily familiar with complex systems thus it is important that it will be clear and intuitive as well as easy to operate.

  • Design a complex system in a very short time that will enable a management of a growing organization & community.

  • All project participants are juniors, thus work processes as well as collaboration as a team is new to most of us.

Solution overview

Less is more

Less is more: Less necessary information is not displayed on a card/ taskbar or as a shortcut. Instead extra info is shown under editing. Also, "Nice to have" features got lower priority.

Usability: The quality of a user's experience when interacting with the systems is critical to its success. Therefore there should be a flow that matches the customer journey. Perform tasks effectively by a clear UI - using coherent colors, shapes and names.


Teamwork: Short time but a lot of work! Partial practical experience of team members required us to communicate clearly with each other to avoid misunderstandings that could lead to wasting precious time. The project manager took care of daily synchronization between us and the developers. We created a Design System & components page in Figma, where the developers could see the designs and sample practical information but without touching on the materials themselves.
In addition, the design work (UX / UI) was divided between us on a daily level, but the work was parallel for a long time (video chat, consultation and screen sharing). There is no doubt that the work between us was particularly fruitful and we learned a lot from each other, both as having different experience skills and sometimes different understanding of the things that helped us see the big picture.


UI research

We were looking for inspiration from similar systems with an emphasis on design language: text, color and shape. We kept all the inspirations on FigJam's inspiration boar.
We have chosen a clean and minimalist design in the style of Flat UI - so that the large amount of information presented is as clear as possible.
Language refinement: A choice of delicate colors that will allow easy reading of the information.

The screens

Site Themes


Brand colors






UI components:

Next project:

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