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A sole product designer


About the role.

As a sole Product designer, in a FemTech start-up company that provides smarter feminine care for women, I am responsible for all aspects of product design, hands-on and end-to-end: Research and design of a mobile app, a desktop platform, and some web pages




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Mobile App



Combining technology and clinical knowledge

Revolutionizing pelvic health care by combining technology and clinical knowledge

The app: connects to Nolix™ - a pelvic floor trainer device, and visualizes pelvic floor muscle activity. It also provides exercise tracking, data analysis, and progress evaluation.

The platform: connects you to our pelvic health specialists in order that you receive a customized exercise plan tailored to your needs. Our specialists will follow up with you and provide feedback to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly (TBD).

The Company.

Revolutionizing pelvic health

“Gynamics” is a  FemTech start-up company that provides smarter feminine care for women. Gynamics invented Nolix™ - A trainer who tracks and measures the force, stamina, and accuracy of the pelvic floor muscle activity, providing real-time feedback and results.

The Market

The Market


of the POP operations annually performed in the USA are repeated


1 in 4

women suffer from moderate to severe pelvic health disorders


Women's average annual expenses for incontinence management


Potential users

Post labor Weman

Experiencing changes in your bladder and bowel function after labor can be challenging. Better

pelvic health can help you get the relief you deserve


Pelvic disorders
By improving core and pelvic health, you will be able to enhance intimacy, comfort and day-to-day living.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to stop urine leaks and improve your well-being

UX research


Home & Activity 

Solution overview


Features - Home & Activity 

MUST features: 

Nice to have:

  1. Motivation line

  2. Summary Chart (week)

  3. Plan Progress (Levels + % completed)

  4. Main Factor / Evaluation score

  5. Goal Daily

  6. Personal Record

  1. Last streaks

  2. workouts a day

  3. Help / FAQ 

  4. Print Screen / Share

  5. Calendar view

  6. Tags

  7. You vs. Healthy Pelvic Floor

  8. Total day’s duration / Score

  9. Last training info

  10. Goal’s checkup (Today/This week)

Features - Play

MUST features: 

Nice to have:

  1. Countdown (MM:SS)

  2. Remaining time visualization

  3. Instruction
    Squeeze x/y / Relax 10..3...1

  4. Sound (on /off)

  5. Connection (Off / Battery %)

  6. Help / FAQ 

  7. Start / Pause

  8. Biofeedback Size (Tense / Relax)

  9. Next/Skip

  10. Record

  11. Total Progress bar (Level / Session)

  1. Strength Slider

  2. Work title

  3. Discreet mode

  4. Level’s details:
    Action length + No’ of repetitions 

  5. Vibrate (on/off)

Play - Walk Throgh.png

UI research

Health & Fitness apps

Fluid & Dynamic design

Main screens

Site Themes.

Brand Pallet:



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